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The future of
 a marketplace
I joined Just Eat in 2016. My initial assigned mission was to work with the head of product and help with the design of a vision piece. The experience design work included an overhaul envision of the ordering process, with the introduction of a set of features on all steps and sides of the ordering process: customer, shop and system-side.

At the time, Just Eat was going through an overhaul rebrand. Part of my time was spent as a member of the "Brand Studio", a specialised task force of designers and coders. The team managed to work through the entire range of Just Eat's online platforms in time for the rebrand.

I was lucky to be able to contribute to a variety of other projects, some in concept phase and some that made it to production.
Product Designer
UX/UI design
Service design
Interactive prototyping
Discovery - Personalisation - Choice
We set out to discover and identify a set of new features, cast across the wider ordering process. Some features were relevant to the business owners, some features to the user and some to the delivery drivers.

We created a narrative, a story that was based on this hypothetical new order flow and we based our thinking and hypothesis around it. We built a script to tell that story and a visual timeline of events supported that document.

We focused on 3 main pain points: food discovery, user personalisation and helping the user when making a choice. The ideas included new features such as Location-based merchant offers, rich data dashboards. rich-media push notifications for orders, a new discovery experience for finding your perfect meal, an advanced review system, Premium Restaurant pages and others.
Visualising the order process
Pitch deck
The ideas we came up with were transformed to UX mockups and finally to shiny UI, visualising the future of the Just Eat product.

They were presented in a deck to be shared across the product leadership. Many of them went on to be pitched to new partners, helping the organisation with new partner acquisition.

We designed for the new-coming merchant-side Android tablets, to the clients' iPhones and Apple watches, to even covering some of the experience from the delivery drivers' side.
Order journey visualisation deck
Premium restaurants demo
Premium restaurants
All restaurants in the existing product has the same simple layout. The business growth team requested an engaging way to pitch a more premium offering to the most important Just Eat partners.

This gave us the opportunity to showcase some of the most advanced vision features we came up with, through a fun video. Lights, music, action. The best part of this task was how positively it affected new business.
The iOS splash screen animation
Lottie? Yes please!
Lottie by Airbnb was the hottest thing out there in 2016 when it came to animation for mobile UI. We couldn't stop ourselves from redesigning the splash screen into the iOS app, based on the new branding colours.
Our Just Eat Hackathon entry
Hacking the product
Just Eat runs an annual global hackathon. Our team consisted of an iOS developer, a Business Analyst and me. Our decision was to try and make some sense out of a new-then iOS feature, iMessage apps and how they can be used effectively for Just Eat

We created a prototype of how one can order as part of a group directly via iMessage and our video amazingly won the first prize! 🎉
Kids companion order app
Kids companion app
I was lucky to be part of some very interesting and crazy business-wide Design Sprints while at Just Eat. One of the concepts that came out of these sprints was a Kids app.

A complimentary app that is customised for young children, based on simplicity and the need to help children make healthy choices.The app would not be transactional - the parent would have to approve and complete the transactional part of the flow, but everything else would be done by the children.